Online celebrations of the eight-fold holidays with

Witch-crafting, Financial Finesse and Tarot Treats.

Please join our online celebrations as we offer you our gifts of guided meditations, themed tarot spreads, holiday witch-crafting, self-care, financial fitness, and sistering support for Divine Feminine connection throughout the Wheel of the Year.

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Who Are The Wyrd Sisters?

Crone Sisters; Pam (Stitch Witch, Weaver of Magic and Wonder, and Mind/Body Wisdom Practitioner), Brenda (Finance Witch, Tax Master and Tarot Wizardess ), and Beth (Green Hedge Witch, Yoga Instructor, Sound Healer and Pet Whisperer) Learn more about us HERE.

We Started Out as the Wood Sisters

In building and construction the term "sistering" simply means adding extra material to strengthen damaged material (typically floor joists).  Since the first day of triple sistering (shown in this image) the Wood Sisters have each taken their own unique path through life, while continuing to support each other. We would like to invite you to join us as we unite, weaving together our talents and passions to gift you with our celebrations of the Quarter & Cross-quarter Pagan Sabbats. Let our "sistering" offer you some added support as we travel around the wheel of the year together.